11 Days Backpacking INDOCHINA Detailed Itinerary and Budget| Thailand | Laos | Cambodia | Vietnam


Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand


DAY 0 | April 13, 2013 | Saturday

AGENDA: Arrival, Meet up my Host and Party in Khao San Road

19:50  | Arrived in Don Mueang Airport in BKK

20:00-20:40 | Clear Immigration and Checked In Baggage Claimed

20:40-21:00 | Exchange USD to THB in the Airport

21:00-21:20 | Paid the Taxi Coupon in Don Mueang Airport | 400 THB

21:20-22:30 | Traveled from Don Mueang Airport to Lat Krabang by Taxi

22:30-23:40 | Meet and Greet with my Host from CouchSurfing, Took a Rest and Freshen Up

23:40-00:20 | Took a taxi to Khao San Road from Lat Krabang

00:20-02:40 | Celebrating Songkran in Khao San Road/Party Party |80 THB (dinner)

03:00 | Home |300 THB (cab going back home)



780 THB



Bangkok Skyline from Baiyoke Sky Hotel


DAY 1 | April 14, 2013 | Sunday

AGENDA: Naudlot na Ayutthaya Temple Tour, Explore around Victory Monument, Baiyoke Sky Hotel and Night Market in Ratchaprarop.

12:30 | Wake Up (late gising dahil sa sobrang party)

13:30-14:30 | Travel from Lat Krabang to Victory Monument |120+40+15=175 THB

14:30-15:10 | Lunch | 150 THB

15:10-15:40 | Walk Around Victory Monument, Bought Thai SIM, Proceed to Mini Van Station | 150 THB (thai SIM)

15:40-16:00 | Travel from Victory Monument to Ayutthaya (journey takes 1 hour) 140 THB (roundtrip fare)

16:00 | Arrived in Ayutthaya Van Terminal

17:30-1840 | Decided to go back to BKK cause of bad weather

18:55-19:20 | Train ride from Victory Monument –Ratchaprarop Station | 40 THB

19:35 | Bought Admission Ticket to Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Tallest Building in BKK) | 464 THB

19:45-21:10 | Baiyoke Sky Hotel Skyline and Roof Top Bar (with complimentary drinks)

21:25 | Left Baiyoke Sky Hotel

21:30-22:35 | Food Trip and Explore Night Market In Ratchaprarop | 100 THB

22:35-23:50 | Travel back to apartment in Lat Krabang | 120+50 THB

(train ride from Ratchaprarop-Phaya Thai-Lat Krabang then cab to apartment)

23:50 | Home



1389 THB



View from the top of Wat Arun


DAY 2 | April 15, 2013 | Monday

AGENDA:  BKK Temple Tour, Mall Hopping (MBK, Siam Paragon, Siam Center) and some Shopping 

08:06-09:40 | Travel from Lat Krabang-Phaya Thai-Siam-Saphan Taksin Train Station |125+22+34 THB

09:45 | Arrived in Saphan Taksin Ferry Terminal

09:55 | Rode the ferry from Saphan Taksin-Wat Phra Kaew 40 THB

NOTE: From the skytrain stop at Saphan Taksin, take a boat upriver to the pier at Tha Chang and you will see the complex on your right hand side before you alight at the pier. The entrance to Wat Phra Kaeo and the Grand Palace is located on Thanon Na Phra Lan.

10:35-| 11: 55 | Explore Wat Phra Kaew | FREE

12:20-13:20 | Lunch |250 THB

13:35-14:50 | Explore Wat Pho and Reclining Giant Buddha | FREE

15:00-15:25 | Rode the small shuttle boat from Tha Chang Pier to Wat Arun | 3 THB

NOTE: To get to Wat Arun from the Grand Palace you can take the ferry at pier number 8. At pier number 8 you can see Wat Arun across the river. There is a small ferry that can take you there. The crossing costs 3 baht per person. Pier number 8 is next to Wat Pho and the Grand Palace.

15:25-16:10 | Explore Wat Arun | FREE

16:20 | Go back to Saphan Taksin Terminal to take the free ferry to Asiatique Mall

16:50-17:55 | Asiatique Mall

17:55-19:05 | Ferry to Saphan Taksin Pier and train from Saphan Taksin-National Stadium | 37  THB

19:05-20:05 | Dinner in MBK Mall and bought souvenirs | 940 THB (keychains and magnets)

20:10-20:32 | Train from National Stadium-Siam Station | 15 THB

20:40-21:20 | Siam Paragon Mall

21:20-22:10 | Siam Center Mall (stroll around and coffee in Sbux with new Pinoy friends)

22:10-23:45 | Train from Siam-Phaya Thai-Lat Krabang and cab to apartment | 22+40+125 THB

23:45| Home



1653 THB



Nong Nooch Tropical Garden


DAY 3 | April 16, 2013 | Tuesday

AGENDA: Nong Nooch Garden,Jom Tien Beach,Khao San Road Experience

07:35-07:50 | Taxi from Apartment to Lat Krabang Train Station |130 THB

07:50-08:13 | Train from Lat Krabang-Suvarnabhumi Airport | 20 THB

08:15-08:40 | Breakfast at Suvarnabhumi Airport | 110 THB

08:50 | Bought bus ticket to Jom Tien in Pattaya (located at the ground floor of the airport) | 134 THB

09:05-11:00 | Bus travel to Pattaya

11:30-11:55 | Explore Jom Tien Beach

12:01-12:30 | Travel from Jom Tien Beach-Nong Nooch Garden(hired private car) | 300 THB

12:30-13:28 | Explore Nong Nooch Garden (1st part) | 500 THB (entrance fee)

13:28-13:50 | Lunch | 90 THB

13:52-16:45 | Explore the rest of Nong Nooch Garden (2nd part)

17:00 | Snacks  Time | 60 THB

17:53-20:10 | Traveling back to BKK from Pattaya via Mini Van | 135 THB

20:10| Drop off Point at Ekkamai Train Station

20:27-21:30 | Train ride from Ekkamai-Phaya Tha-Lat Krabang | 42+40=80 THB

21:35 | Taxi from Lat Krabang to Apartment | 120 THB

21:53 | Taxi from the Apartment to Khao San Road | 250 THB

22:50 | Checked in at Rambuttri Guesthouse | 500 THB (single room)

323 Rambuttri Road, Pak Kret, Thailand

Website : http://www.rambuttrihouse.com

22:50-00:30 | Rest

12:50-04:30 | Explore Khao San Road


*Dinner | 150 THB

*Thai Food Trip | 150

*Thai Massage | 300 THB

*Drink Thai Beer | 120 THB

*Walk around Khao San Road


*Bought an adaptor | 100 THB

*People Watching

04:40 | Back to Guesthouse/Sleep Time



3249 THB



Buddha head perched on the tree in Wat Mahathat


DAY 4 | April 17, 2013 | Wednesday

08:05 | Breakfast along Khao San Road | 90 BHT

08:50 | Check out from Rambuttri House

09:01 | Pay for the Ayutthaya Land Transfer from Lampoo Travel Services in Khao San | 450 THB

09:40 | Left Khao San Road to Victory Monument via mini van then transfer to another mini van from Victory Monument-Ayutthaya

11:36 | Reached Ayutthaya

11:40-15:27 | Ayutthaya Temple Tour via Tuk Tuk | 700 THB

*Wat Yai Chaya Mongkol | 50 THB

*Wat Maha That | 50 THB

*Wat Lokayasutharam (free)

*Wat Thammikarat (free)

*Wat Phu Khao Thong (free)

* Wat Phra Sri Sanphet | 30 THB

*Wat Chain Wat thana ram | 50 THB

*Chedi Phukhao Thong (free)

*Wat Phanan Choeng | 50 THB

15:35-16:40 | Travel back to BKK from Ayutthaya via Mini Van | 70 THB

16:50 | Hailed cab from Victory Monument to Khao San Road | 95 THB

17:10-17:40 | Look for travel agency selling bus ticket to Vientiane | 1120 THB

17:40:16:03 | Dinner in Khao San Road, Take Out in Burger King, OTHERS | 255 THB

18:15 Pick up from Travel Agency for the overnight bus to Laos

19:20-08:26 | Overnight bus from BKK (khao san road) to Vientiane, Laos (border)



3010 THB



10,081 THB or 307 USD




-Bus stops first at Thai Immigration side for immigration formalities (exit stamp)

-Bus will wait for all passengers until they are done

-No need to bring the luggage.

-Jump on the bus again to take us to Lao Border.


-We had a stop over in a restaurant before getting to Thai Immigration and we were asked to fill up the Laos Embarkation Card for entry.

-Hop off the bus in the Lao Immigration.

-Bring luggage.

-Have you passport stamp for entry to Laos.

-It may take awhile as most of my co passengers are WESTERN’s who still needs to get their VISA on ARRIVAL.

-Filipinos can visit Laos (VISA FREE).

-After all passengers are done with the immigration we were asked to transfer to a mini van to bring us to Vientiane (included in the bus fare).

-Hired a tuk tuk to bring us to Lane Xang Avenue where most of the attractions are located (the mini van doesn’t drop you to your desired destination).


That Luang Temple


DAY 5 | April 18, 2013

09:00 | Arrived in Vientiane City Center via Tuk Tuk |150 THB

09:00-09:40 | Explore Patuxai Arc (climb up the top and bough some souvenirs) | 13 THB (3,000 KIP)+200 THB (souvenirs)

10:00-12:10 | Tambay sa True Coffee Shop (nag charge, FB status, freshen up) | 63THB (15,000 KIP)

12:10-12:35 | Walked to Pha That Luang (closed for lunch)

12:35-12:50 | Explore the souvenir shops near to Pha That Luang

12:50-13:30 | Lunch | 120 THB (33,000 KIP)

13:34-14:03  | Explore Pha That Luang | 20 THB (5,000 KIP)

14:03-15:20 | Long Walk from Pha That Luang to Wat Si Saket

-Bought big mineral water and Lao Beer in can | 90 THB

15:20-15:36 | Wat Si Saket | 20 THB (5,000 KIP)

15:37-15:52 | Wat Phra Keo | 20 THB (5,000 KIP)

15:59-16:10 | Chao Anouvong Monument and Mekong River

16:10-16:40 | Walked from Mekong River Front-Talat Sao Mall and Market

16:40-17:35 |Stroll around  Talat Sao Mall, bought a cup of Frap | 63 THB (15,000 KIP)

17:50 | Reached bus station at the back of Talat Sao Mall

*bought bottled water and baguette | 65 THB

18:15-18:50 | Bus ride from Vientiane (Talat Sao Bus Terminal)-Lao Border | 55 THB

*takes around 35-5- min*

NOTE:  It is also known as the Morning Market Bus Station, Central Bus Station, and Vientiane Capital Bus Station.The Bus Station is located on Mahosot Road opposite to the Talat Sao Shopping Mall Morning Market . It serves buses running within the capital to nearby cities and a few destinations outside of the Vientiane as well as to neighbouring countries such as Thailand.

Here are some common routes taken from the Talat Sao Bus Station:

Destination Departure Hour Approx Price
00 – NongKhai Friendship Bridge 7:30/9:30/12:40/14:30/15:30/18:00 15,000 kip
01 – Vang Vieng 7:00am to 1pm every 2 1/2 hours 40,000 kip
04 – KaSy – Nam Lik waterfall 8:30am 50,000 kip
14 – Thadeu – Buddha Park 5:35am – 3:45pm every 15 mins  6,000 kip
07 – ParkJeng Airport 7am 12pm 3pm 15,000 kip
29 – DongDok Southern Bus Terminal 6:30am – 6pm every 30 mins  2,000 kip

-paid 100 THB for transport to Nong Khai train station.


*need to get off the bus for passport exit stamp

*no need to bring your heavy luggage yet but make sure to bring your important items

*after exit stamp from Lao Immigration/Back to bus again

*distance is not that far between 2 immigrations

*bus will take us to the Thai Border (Nong Khai)

*get off the bus and bring all your belongings

*fill up the Thai Embarkation Form (bring a pen always)

*fall in line to the Immigration Counter

*the officer will stamp your passport for your entry in Thailand

*pass through the immigration

*charter a tuk tuk or van to bring you to the train station going to BKK

19:15| Reached the train station via mini van, Bought a 1 way ticket to BKK (overnight) | 213 THB (standee passenger)

NOTE: Journey takes 12-15 hours (no aircon)

19:30 | Train departs  “LONG JOURNEY”



1092 THB or 33.31 USD





DAY 6 | April 19, 2013

10:02 | Arrived in Hua Lamphong Railway Station in BKK

10:09 | Breakfast in Hua Lamphong Railway Station | 60 THB

10:30 | Took a cab from Hua Lamphong to Ekkamai Bus Station | 150 THB

10:50 | Reached Ekkamai Bus Station and purchased ticket to Aranyaprathet (Thai Border) for 12:30 PM |220 THB

11:20 | Took a shower in Ekkamai Bus Station | 20 THB

11:40 | Lunch | 80 THB

12:00 | Wait inside the bus terminal and asked a store to charge my gadget | 100 THB

-bought some snacks in the terminal | 90 THB

12:40-17:31 | Travel from Ekkamai in BKK-Aranyaprathet Thai Border via bus



-We were dropped few blocks from Thai Immigration in Aranyaprathet.

-Have to bring all our luggage.

-Head to Thai Immigration for exit stamp.


-After being cleared from Thai Immigration we have to take a walk going to the Cambodia-Poipet Border (not so far from Thai Border).

-Just follow the tourist trails.

-You will know you are already in Cambodia when you see the BIG ARCH with “Welcome to Cambodia”

-Directly head to the Poipet Immigration.

-Fill up the Embarkation Card.

-Have your passport stamp for entry in Cambodia

-No visa required for Filipinos

-Take the exit leading to the taxi stand

18:25 | Finish the border crossing successfully

18:30 | Chartered a taxi shared with 2 Westerns that I make friends to Siem Reap | 45/3=15 USD

20:45 | Arrived in Siem Reap (a tuk tuk picked us up to bring to our hostels which we thought is FREE but at the end it was 1 of the SCAMS as the driver is obliging us to get him for the temple tour the next day)

21:20 | Checked in at Bou Savvy Guest House (made my reservation prior to trip)


Mr. Horn. Bovorn (Owner Bou Savy Guesthouse)

Address: #261 Group 17 Khum Svay Dangkum Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

Office Tel: (855)63 964 967

H/P: (855) 12 898-627, 85512369600

E-mail: services@bousavyguesthouse.com 0r savy7777@hotmail.com

21:45 | Dinner in Bou Savy and free time onwards

12:05 | Sleeping Time (didn’t make it to night market cause I was so tired)



530 THB + 15 USD



Angkor Wat Temple


DAY 7 | April 20, 2013

05:00-06:30 | Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour | 4 USD+20 USD (1 DAY ADMISSION)= 24 USD

06:50-08:10 | Breakfast, Rest, Took a Shower and Check Out and left bag in front desk | 7 USD (Breakfast)+11 USD (Temple Tour via Tuk Tuk from Bou Savy Guesthouse)+15 USD (1 night stay)=33 USD

08:20-18:00 | Whole Day Temple Tour

*South Gate of Angkor Thom

*Central Angkor Thom

*Bayon Temple

*Baphoun Temple

*Terrace of Elephant

*Terrace of  Leperking



*Ta Prom

*Bantay Kdey

*Sra Srang

*Sunset at Angkor Wat Temple | 1 USD (bought some noodle dish outside Angkor Wat)

06:30-09:34 | Explore Pub Street and Night Market (asked the tuk tuk driver to drop me in Pub Street)

List of Activities

*Dinner | 7 USD (Beef Lok lak)

*Bought Souvenirs | 15 USD

*Bought some snacks and Cambodian Beer | 6 USD

*Foot Massage | 1 USD (FOR 15 MINUTES)

*Food Trip | 2 USD 

09:34-09:50 | Travel back to Bou Savy Guesthouse via tuk tuk | 2 USD

09:50-12:10 | Rest, Packed Things, Pay for the overnight bus to HCMC, FB FB | 21 USD

12:10 | Pick up from Bou Savy Guesthouse for the overnight bus to HCMC






Moc Bai Immigration (Vietnam)


DAY 8 | April 21, 2013

06:30 | Arrived in Phnom Penh (change bus/8:10 AM departure to  HCMC)

-we all thought that it is going to be just 1 bus ride from Siem Reap-HCMC.

-the ride to Phnom Penh-HCMC is already included in 21 USD.

-it is another 6 hours land travel.

06:50-07:40 | Breakfast and stroll around Phnom Penh just near the bus terminal | 6 USD

08:20 | Bus departs from Phnom Penh

09:50 | The bus boarded a barge. It took less than 10 minutes before the barge went on, & another 10 minutes for the river crossing. I learned later on that for faster travel, the bus should cross Mekong river to Neuk Leung town.

11:50 | Lunch | 6 USD

12:25 | Reached Cambodia-Bavet Border



-The  bus steward already collected our passports as he’ll be going ahead of us to give our passports to the immigration officers.

-Upon arrival at the Cambodian exit, we were just asked to get out & fall in line at the immigration counter for our exit from Cambodia.

-We boarded to our bus again which is going to take us to Vietnam-Moc Bai Border


-We alighted the bus again

-Bring all our luggage

-Head to Moc Bai Immigration

-Fall in line to check our baggage by scanner

-Fall in line again to have our passport stamp for entry in Vietnam

-Waited for the rest of the passengers

-Boarded back to the bus for another 2 and half hour journey to HCMC

13:05 | Successfully finished the border crossing

15:39 | Reached Pham Ngu Lao District via Vinasun Taxi 7 USD

15:39-16:30 | Hostel and Guesthouse Hunting and change my USD to VND

16:30-17:30 | Chill in Highlands Coffee | 0.85 USD (18,000 VND)

17:30-18:55 | Hostel and Guesthouse Hunting Continuation

19:20 | Checked in at Ms THU GUEST HOUSE | 20 USD (2 nights stay in single room/no breakfast)

LOCATED AT: 39/15 Do Quang Dau St. Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Dist 1 HCMC

20:10 | Meet and Greet with my new Vietnamese friend from CS/He picked me up from the hostel

20:32-21:20 | Dinner with my Viet friend | 5.62 USD (120,000VND)

21:20-23:05 | Explore HCMC via the motorbike of my Viet friend


*Saigon River

*Saigon Opera House

*People’s Committee Hall

*Night Market outside Ben Than Market | 4 USD

23:45 | Back to Hostel/Sleep Time



45.47 USD 



Mekong River Tour


DAY 9 | April 22, 2013

07:20 Breakfast | 3 USD

08:04-17:30 | Mekong River Tour (lunch set included) | 10 USD

17:45 | Back to Guesthouse, Rest and Took a Shower

19:10-19:45 | Stroll around Pham Ngu Lao District

*Dinner | 4 USD

*Baguette Tasting | 0.76 USD

*Coffee Tasting again in Highlands Coffee | 1 USD

*People Watching

20:15 | Vietnamese friend picked me up from Highlands Coffee Shop

20:15-23:15 | Stroll around Saigon via motorbike and met some new Vietnamese friends.

23:17 | My Vietnamese friend drop me off in my guesthouse/Sleep Time



18.76 USD



Notre-Dame Basilica 


DAY 10 | April 23, 2013

AGENDA: Half Day Cuchi Tunnel Tour, Half  HCMC Walking Tour, Flight back to KL

07:20 | Breakfast | 2.85 USD

Banh Mi Sandwich (baon sa Cu Chi Tunnel)-0.76 USD

08:10 | Pick up from Guesthouse

09:00-14:30 | Half Day Cu Chi Tunnel Tour | 6 USD+4 USD(entrance fee)=10 USD

-Coke in Can bought in Cu Chi Tunnel |1.41 USD

14:30-18:10 | HCMC Walking Tour

*War Remnants Museum |0.76  USD (15,000 VND) 

*Notre-Dame Basilica

*Saigon Central Post Office

*Saigon Opera House

*Reunification Palace

*People’s Committee Hall

*Ben Than Market

18:10-18:40 | Dinner in Pham Ngu Lao before flight | 4 USD

Miscellaneous Expenses (souvenirs,beer,snacks and pasalubong) | 20 USD

18:40-19:30 | Freshen Up, Check Out, Take the Taxi to Ton Son Hat Airport | 7 USD (can from Pham Ngu Lao to airport)+2 USD (TIP TO DRIVER)

21:10 | Bye Bye HCMC



93.56 USD



KL-BKK (AIRASIA)-124 MYR (with 15kg baggage)

HCMC-KL (AIRASIA)- 226 MYR (with 15kg baggage)

AIRFARE TOTAL: 350 MYR or 100.33 USD



749.59 USD

33.862 PESO

2490.89 MYR


My Boarding Pass back to KL from HCMC

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  1. Wow~ This is very cool! Make-inspire mag-travel. hehehe… Thanks for the useful information. ^_^ Haven’t tried backpacking before, but I’ve always been interested. 🙂

  2. Very informative. I’m planning to go on a backpacking trip with my friend. Will use this blog as my guide. Although, I want to stretch it out a bit to Ha Noi, Vietnam. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Hi. thanks for this blog. Ill be travelling alone to Indochina also but the other way around.. starting to HCMC, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Vientianne, Bangkok.. worth a visit ba ang Vientianne? parang wala akong makitang easiest way kahit sa Siem Reap or Bangkok ako manggaling via land. pls help.thank u

  4. Hi, your detailed itinerary is impressive! I am planning for an Indochina backpacking adventure next year, but might do it in just a span of 7-8 days. Would you help me draft the itinerary? Let me know what we can skip and whats not to miss based on your experience. This would help me a lot! I hope you can be my travel mentor on my first out of the country trip! 🙂

  5. Galing itinerary mo.. 🙂 my best friend and I are planning on a bagpacking trip TO SEA this feb 28-march 14, 2016. So overwhelming for me to plan since there’s a lot to see and i don’t want to feel na we missed out. Thanks for this very informative blog post!

  6. Thank you so much for the detail itinerary. I have a plan to travel around Indochina for 10 days but have no idea for the itinerary then i found this blog and it really helps me a LOT. thank you so much

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