Brunei | The Pasar Gadong Night Market


OK here we go…

Few hours before the sun came down I have decided to visit my last stop on my itinerary before I call it a day. So from Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque I found my way out heading to the night . market. I know that I can reach the market if I just walk on my own but when I went outside the Mosque what I saw is crossroads- so I needed to ask a local which way to take going to the market. The guy pointed me to the direction where I can see The Mall from where I am standing. It’s a long walk from the Mosque which I did not expect- I am that close to getting lost but thank God for the 2 other locals I asked about the direction. And after 30-40 minutes I arrived in the night market and everyone is just starting to set up their tent.

To be honest I was a bit disappointed when I saw it- cause I was kinda expecting similar set up of the Pasar Malam (Night Market)like in Kuala Lumpur. The night market is situated right next to the car park which at first glance you will not noticed that there is a night market going on if only not for the number of locals walking around every stalls. Well most of items sold in every stalls are not new to me for I have been buying and and seeing them in KL. But since i realized that I only have this day alone to experience Brunei so I decided to just enjoy it by walking around and poking every stalls and taking countless photos to document the trip.


didn’t try any of this

The Night Market BTW is open year round from 4pm-11pm and is located in the Gadong Fish Market parking lot or  right next to The Mall at Gadong. It is nice place to experience local food choices.


looks like Suman which is a Filipino delicacy.

You have numerous food options to choose from such as-  roti beef/mutton/chicken, satay, chicken wings, barbecued/grilled fish, fried kuey teow, lamb chops, beef steaks, ayam penyet, traditional kueh melayu (sweet pancakes with peanuts, raisins or sugar fillings) and more.


I had to try the orange one.

 There are also stalls selling drinks, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and even clothes and accessories. One can easily spend 2-3 hrs hopping from one stall to another and just le you eyes and nose decide what will buy.


fresh vegetable stand

The first row of the night market consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, children’s toys, movie and karaoke CDs, traditional medicines, bags, stationeries and clothes; while the second and third row serves a variety of food that are freshly cooked in front of the customers such as fried and wet noodles, sausages, potato chips, hamburgers, doughnut sticks and other local dishes; and the last row consists of grilled fish, chicken, beef and lamb. Numerous traditional Malay food can also be found here.


Ohhh I don’t eat fish…

The attraction drawer here are the stalls itself-it just fun to watch them how they prepare the food and sell it. Watching them closely tells the story of an ordinary Brunei people who just tries to make a living like anybody elses.



another spicy dish..

Food prices are very reasonable which ranges from 1BND-3BND- you can literally do trial and error test and if you happen to not like the food you can get another delicacy from another stall until you were able to find the food you wanted. Drinks for refreshment will cost you just 1BND if you feel like getting choke from the solid foods you have taken.

One drawback of this Night Market is that unlike any other famous night markets in SEA is that here there are no tables and chairs for you to enjoy your meal. You you will either have to eat standing up or take it somewhere else as the night market is designed for take out meals only. I was eating while exploring each stalls and it is not a problem at all for me- but avoid to litter and just throw food plates and cups everywhere.


it looks delicious in this photo… BUT….

I only got to taste few of the delicacies cause the food line up is not new to me after all and I am not a fan of SPICY food- but still it is still a fun experience to explore the night market to have it compared with other night markets that I had been to.The market is not busy, there is room to move and people are willing to answer your questions about what their food actually is-although some of them doesn’t speak English very well.

HOW TO GET HERE: Most hotel offers free  shuttle service to The Mall with a small fee or take  1 and 22 public bus($1.00/way/person) however coming back to your hotel is a challenge, coz no public bus after 6 pm. So better ask your hotel to pick you up or Taxi which will be costly, min $15/way/Taxi

One thought on “Brunei | The Pasar Gadong Night Market

  1. Very useful info. I’ll be going Brunei next mth. Are you able to advise if I should walk from the Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque or take a taxi? From my understanding, taxis are kinda hard to get there and also expensive. Which hotel did you stay at?

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